Because of the great dreams of mankind, because of cultural and corporate prosperity. Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, common values and all the staff of the Programme of Action for the enterprise.

Shing Hong Group since its establishment in 1992, with Sheng Hong sand plant-based, after years of growth, has become a major national high-tech diversified private group, formed in the petrochemical, textile, energy, real estate, hotel five coordinated pattern of industrial development. 2018, Shing Hong Group has once again topped the 500 Chinese enterprises list, ranked No. 156.
Since its establishment, only a short 20 years Sheng Hong, is in adolescence, career has just begun. In retrospect, the most important asset we have accumulated is not more than 500 billion of assets, but 20 years and always adhere to the faith.
We aim to revitalize national industry, the development of enterprises, adhere to "establish the brand in the industry, to create a world-class famous enterprises" for the vision to continuously push forward the process of internationalization Sheng rainbow;Our faith is supreme, the credibility of the concept of the city legislature of satisfied customers, providing high-quality products and achieve win-win situation with customers; We share the values of co-benefits of employees and promote common value-added enterprises and employees; Our idea of sustainable development for the benefit of society, to achieve green, low-carbon development. "Chengde, pragmatic, innovative and beyond" is every person's spirit of Hong Sheng, Sheng Hong achieve success it is today is the strength of support; "quality, integrity, win-win" Sheng Hong, who is adhering to the core values, is filled Rainbow consolidate the foundation to achieve across the power source.
From a qualified enterprises to become outstanding enterprises, business excellence, and ultimately into a great business practice, still a long way Sheng Hong, may be full of thorns. The road is long Come, "We believe that only continuous optimization Shing Hong Group's own corporate culture, in order to have a strong vitality and lasting development potential.We will continue to uphold the "enterprise development, customer satisfaction, benefiting employees, the benefit of society," the corporate mission, will be playing one brand Sidley culture, and strengthen competitive advantage. We adhere to the global vision and creative thinking to develop new markets, insisted diversification, scale and international business development strategies to achieve China's rise and prosperity of national industry.
Heartfelt thanks for the support and concern the development of Hong Sheng friends!