Shenghong Petrochemical Group is located in the national demonstration area of eastern-central-western regional cooperation (Xuwei New District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province), covering a planning area of about 6.8 square kilometers to construct a new type of petrochemical industry cluster region and develop high end petrochemical industry with the help of port advantage, geographical advantage and industrial advantage. It is internationally competitive petrochemical industry base, logistics center and chemical research and development base built with great effort by Shenghong Holding Group.

At present, 1,500 KMTA PTA project, nearly 1 million cubic meters of liquid chemical warehousing project, liquid chemical terminal project with three berths have been finished. The project of 3,600 KMTA alcohol-based poly-generation has partly been put into production, with the rest of plants under preparation for trial production. It is planned to build 16,000 KMTA oil refining plant, 2,800 KMTA para-xylene plant, 1,100 KMTA ethylene and downstream derivatives plant, the supporting crude oil terminal and utilities with a total investment of 75 billion RMB. The yields of 4,400 KMTA petroleum products, 4,700 KMTA chemical products and 3,200 KMTA aromatics products can be achieved after being put into production, with the annual sales revenue of over 120 billion RMB and annual profits and taxes of more than 20 billion RMB. The preliminary work of the refining and petrochemical integrated project is carried out smoothly for now, and the project is aimed to be constructed in 2017 and to be put into production in 2019.

We will adhere to the concept of "safe and green, innovation-driven, social responsibility, benefiting the staff", to develop circular economy and low-carbon economy and achieve regional complementation between south of Jiangsu and north of Jiangsu and the connectivity of south and north of Jiangsu, and to build a world-leading petrochemical industry park based on international and domestic cutting-edge concept and the most stringent standard. The first is to reach the integration of refining and chemical industry, the coupling development of petrochemical industry and modern coal chemical industry and the efficient, clean, low-carbon and cyclic utilization of petroleum and coal through utilities with IGCC as the core. The second is to implement the latest environmental-friendly emission standard, based on the special emission limit requirements of the Yangtze River Delta region, to make the amount of main pollutants emissions reduced by 40% to 50% compared with domestic advanced level through cleaner production and hydrogenation process. The third is to make plans in advance and produce clean gasoline and diesel based on the standard of limits and measurement methods for emissions from light-duty vehicles (CHINA 6).